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CaDA C61042 Italian Super-Car
Ferrari 488

The inner box is all three-pointed octagonal.

There are 6 inner boxes.

A total of 6 manuals.

There are also remote control instructions.

The stickers are of good quality!

Parts packages are divided into shared packages, motor units, step subcontracts, etc.

The motors are all new versions, and there is no equipment in terms of performance, so they cannot be tested.
Although there are more than 3100 parts, the assembly is quite smooth.

This subcontracting will use this new motor.

This is the most complicated whole structure.

The lighting seems unchanged?

The degree of reduction is quite high!
It is not easy to restore this shape with different plates.
The most important thing is not loose!

The battery pack is hidden inside.

The grade of electroplated wheels will be different immediately.

The tire pattern is clear and uniform, and looks good!

The door is not simple.

There are active locks.

There are active locks.

The angle of the seat can be adjusted.

There are so many details!

V8 turbocharged engine.

There is a knob for manual shifting at the bottom.

The reduction in the tail is also not disappointing.


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