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Locks Chop Months

Very fanciful packaging!135cm in total length!What is Tiansuo Zhanyue?

Let's first understand the background of this knife.

Tiansuo Zhanyue is Zhanyue's swastika solution. After Ichishi uses the swastika, the knife body shrinks. The blade is all black, the handle is black and red, and a small chain extends at the end of the handle. The guard is in the shape of a "swastika". At the same time change into a black red robes (similar to Zhanyue's clothes). Tiansuo Zhanyue is a weapon in the large-scale feature-length animation "Reaper" originated from the work of a Japanese Kubo leader.
A very ordinary book with clear steps.There is no step-by-step subcontracting, but there are few types of parts. Although the number is large, the assembly process is still very smooth.There are 2 pieces of nameplates, both of which are printed, and they are just different in color.
Knife holder
This knife is really long! The studio can no longer handle it!
This universal joint has to be assembled by itself, which is nothing new for domestic players. But the parts of this set are a little different from the previous ones. The cross-shaped part in the middle is a little longer, which increases the difficulty of assembly several times...
Finished product
The tip part uses a very thoughtful structure.
The blade is a smooth brick. The reflectivity of the tool holder parts is good~
The swastika-shaped handguard is the biggest feature of this knife, but the shape is limited, and the pursuit of reduction will affect its stability.
The handle is really nice!
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