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Mould King 13135 Imperial Star Destroyer

Hello everyone!
As a fan of Star Wars, the most exciting new product recently must be the Imperial Star Destroyer launched by Ustar Model King. This ship has almost all iconic battleships appearing in all Star Wars works. Lego also re-launched a new UCS (Ultimate Collector Series) version last year (2019). But in terms of attractiveness, Yuxing’s moc version is much stronger! In addition to being larger than the Lego version, the degranulated surface allows the number of parts to reach an unprecedented 11,885 pieces!
What if the actual performance? Will there be a lot of problems because it was made by mocer? Let's take a closer look immediately!
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A very huge box, with nearly 12,000 parts and a weight of more than 10 kilograms.
The inner box is 2 large, it is not easy to take it out (mainly because it is too heavy...)

2 large manuals, a total of 2487 steps, quite scary!

Because the finished product is so huge, I can't use the studio anymore, I can only sit on the ground and start fighting.
99% of the parts are from [High Brick], the quality is excellent, but the bite is tight.

The skeleton is roughly complete.

This place is at the bottom of the Star Destroyer, where ordinary spaceships are anchored.
The big triangle took shape. Then began to assemble the upper and lower armor plates.

A single armored version will have to fight for a few hours at the fastest...

Here you need to insert the cross shaft here to fasten the armor plate, but its position is quite hidden.

The instructions for the assembly of the armor plate are not clear in the manual, so I need to add it here.
In addition to the shaft sleeves on the side with the cross shaft as mentioned in the manual, the main connection points also need to be tightened on the red part of the main frame.​​​​​​​

Unexpectedly [High Brick]'s 2x2 turntable is so good, maybe the bite is tight enough?​​​​​​​

The assembly method of the armor plate on the other side is the same as before, but the details are different.
The assembly of the tail has begun! It's all big projects!​​​​​​​

Multi-faceted finished product


The parts use more than 99% high bricks, and the gloss, color, tolerance, etc. are excellent.
The size is about 1200x750x400 and the weight is more than ten kilograms.

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