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Mould King Variety series-13105 Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster

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This is the outer packaging box, there are several makeup photos on the cover.Post image
  • Figure 1: Content

  • The spaced internal boxes not only look richer, but also reduce the movement of parts due to reduced moving space. praise!

  • Figure 2: Sticker

  • Figure 3: Parts package

  • There are a total of 5 steps that can be subcontracted, and the other is tires.

  • Figure 4: synopsisPost image

  • Parts Subcontracting 1

  • Most of them are high brick parts, but when it is assembled, it is found that 1×6 boards are not high brick parts
    Post imageThe first part of the assembly process
    Post image

  • Parts Subcontracting 2

  • There are very good quality electroplated parts.
    Post imageThe second part of the building process
    Post image

  • Parts Subcontracting 3

  • There is a separate piece of transparent windshield
    Post image
    This carport can be folded
    Post imageSticker dashboard and installed windshield
    Post imageThe third part is assembled
    Post image

  • Figure 1:The fourth part is the car lid of the front

  • Figure 2: The installation is complete
    Post imageThe fifth part is the hood and tail
    Post imageInstall the hood
    Post image
    Here are some electroplated wheels
    Post image
    Final product
    Post image

  • Detail

  • The front part has a streamlined design, and the wiper is replaced with a ninja knife.
    Post image

  • Rich interior decoration

  • The structure above the wheel is composed of many parts with different shapes, so many brick stitches are seen on the side. Post imageThere are many places that can be opened, very flexible.
    Post image
    Post image
    so cool!!!!
    Post image
    Take it home if you like it
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