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Panlos 613002 Lunatic Hospital

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There are about 7,500 parts in this set, and it covers an area twice the size of a typical street scene.
The manual, stickers, and after-sales service card are all in a separate package.
2 thick manuals, the steps are very clear!
The quality of the stickers is quite good, and the pattern design is also distinctive.
Two large plates of 32x32 particles, and a small one. The other 2 blocks are for the platform.
There are only 3 steps in box A.

It's started~

Completed the 2nd floor!
Full Gothic architecture, plus fences, increases the sense of distance from ordinary buildings.
There is a pair of statues with black wings at the front entrance.
The fence is designed to prevent ordinary people from climbing in.
This space is left between the fence and the building.
The whole building is equipped with a large number of cameras, so that the intruder has nowhere to hide!
You can see from the exterior wall that the appearance of the parts is quite outstanding.
There are a lot of details at the top.
Next, let me introduce you to the facilities on each floor.
The roof is relatively simple.
This room has a freezing device.
From this door you can lead to the lower level.
There is also a giant spotlight that simulates calling Batman! But without the bat mark, just use the lighting when there are activities at night.
The third floor is mainly the cafeteria.
Special buffet table

The middle room is for human experiments.

The display turns to be a mirror!
There are quite a few rooms on the second floor.
Here are two small rooms.
The middle room is used for freezing tests for experimenters. There is a set of armor that has been tested to offset absolute zero!
This monitor can see the physical condition of the experimenter. Monitoring roomIn addition, this room is for various researches on plants. Of course, to a large extent, it is to study the toxicity of plants!
Go to the bottom.
There are 2 cells on each side.The cell is equipped with a separate bed and toilet.
The front desk is in the middle.
After entering through the gate, on the right is the place to check all outsiders. As long as they hide anything suspicious, they will be taken into custody immediately!
After passing the checker, you will come to the guard room.
A small pantry.
On the left side of the gate is the access room.
In addition, each floor is equipped with independently controlled lighting parts, and it will be black and dirty everywhere at night!

Pretty good! In particular, the gloss of the surface is completely at the top domestic level. The interior is very rich, you can enjoy it.
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