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How to Order an Original Box?

Thank you for your support and patience. Now Barweer can choose to pay for the original box. 
In order to ensure the buyer's best interest and avoid unnecessary losses and misunderstandings, please read the following terms and conditions before payment:

1. All orders for purchasing the box can only use the fixed discount of the website for the current month. We will let you all know if there are any extra cases.
2. Please double-check the shipping address and product information before making payment. Since the address information for these orders is automatically filled in by the system,
please be sure to confirm all information yourself.
3. The overseas warehouse (USA / Europe / Canada warehouses) does not support this service for the time being, but we believe we will do it in the future.
4. The prices shown here are only displayed as a guide for use and just for reference.

 Now, let's see how to get the box: 

Step 1 Click the "Want an Original Box?" question button.

Step 2 Fill in all the necessary information.

Step 3 Payment is made via the link sent.

As soon as we have received your inquiry and calculated the price, we will send you a payment link to the e-mail address you have provided, containing shipping information and price details:

Or, you can log in to your account on Barweer (we recommend using the same e-mail address) and find the payment order in "My Orders" under "Awaiting Payment",
click on "View More" to see the exact shipping information and price details. If you're new here, click here to create an account.

Sep 28th, 2023
Barweer Team