Review of K-Box 10507 Fantasy Plaza Building Blocks on 9 Sep.
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Review of K-Box 10507 Fantasy Plaza Building Blocks on 9 Sep.
K-Box First Modular Buildings-Fantasy Plazawink

Pretty Picture Show:

▼3140 pieces, I have seen such a big box, the details are also introduced behind it, and the product is also a layered structure.
A total of 7 minifigures, the official finished product size: 39 × 26 × 36 cm.

▼ Drawer type pulls out 2 inner boxes that are also huge. The specific parts package is as follows, you can compare.

▼A manual, the thickness reaches the waist of the minifigure! Subcontracting with steps, a total of 7 major steps.
Toxic design, sticking stickers only after the entire product is completed, increasing the difficulty by N times.

▼The sticker is done after the final completion. One sticker needs to be pasted in a total of 23 positions.
The parts are our own molds. Monochromatic parts are printed parts. For more than two colors, a sticker with a transparent bottom is required.

▼The fight is over. It is a full-covered base plate that we like, and a lot of triangular boards are used to decorate the floor, which is not too square. By the way, when you find parts you can't find, you should look at the general package first.
On the right side of the front direction is a bookstore with three bookshelves. In the middle is a very, very high-end restaurant with only one table. The pink one should be cherry blossoms?

▼The bookstore has a mysterious back door that allows you to go directly to the outside of the building.
On the left is the dining room's kitchen. The front end is also a shop selling drinks.

▼It is strongly recommended to correct the steps. Now, the stickers are attached after the assembly is completed. This difficulty is several times more difficult.

The bookstore on the right, in terms of color matching, is also very Harry Potter. By the way, when you install the front door frame, you have to reach in for the back support.

Points to note:

1. The rose-red parts in steps 334-341 are different from the instructions, and cannot be spelled according to the drawing steps, but you can still spell it out according to the final shape.

2. In step 354, this 1x1 small circular plate needs to have holes, but there are no holes in the parts package for this step. You can find it in the parts package later to use it first.

3. In the middle of the assembly, you can paste the two hanging pictures of the stairs first, as well as the ATM machine and the vertical stickers of the beverage shop.​​​​​​​

▼The instruction manual is to let us put each layer directly on the top of the lower layer to assemble, but the middle parts will not be supported when pressed. It is recommended that each layer be assembled first, and then stacked.

Step 408 is the red line that is missing, and it is to be spelled to the gap of the stairs.

The two pizzas in step 401 are not connected, you can take one out and put it on the third floor.​​​​​​​

▼Similarly, the second floor must be assembled first and then put up. By the way, the stairs are only connected by 2x2 light panels. In principle, a 1x2 can be added below to connect.
The top layer is the most obvious. If you don't put the white bottom plate on the table and put it together first, there is no support below, and it is basically impossible to spell it well.

▼MiniFigure display:
The minifigures are only printed on the front, all other angles are empty.heart

▼360-degree display of finished productsyes

▼ There will be a man playing a cat at the entrance of the bookstore. There is also an owl in this bookstore, and with its color matching, it is very Harry Potter. There is a golfing place on the top floor, and it is obvious that this is a rich father and son. The back door of the bookstore can open the wall and go directly out.​​​​​​​

▼ There are two little birds that are not afraid of people next to the fountain on the front.

On the left is the beverage shop. The tree outside is similar to the tree in 10270, and the leaves are spring green.

The building side on the upper left side is mainly made of glass, is it not exposed to the sun?​​​​​​​laugh

▼The top floor is a good place to sit and watch the scenery from afar.
Below is a private room where I put the extra pizza.

▼Layered structure, you can take out each layer, and add light bricks below to convert it into a light version. Of course, the buildings on the left and right can be split.​​​​​​​
▼The second floor of the bookstore is a place where you can read books while drinking tea.
From the outside of the restaurant, it has a Japanese architectural style.
The restaurant next to you can go out to the back alley, which has trash cans, tools, etc.​​​​​​​

As the first set of street scenes of k-box, the appearance is not bad. I can continue to work hard. I will still collect this series of street scenes.
The plump interior, the most eye-catching is the decoration of the restaurant in the middle, which is really good.yesheart

Finished Review this Time. Thanks for your supportsheart. Welcome to Purchase Here if you want to know more details.mail​​​​​​​
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