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Privacy Policy

We take user information security and privacy as our lifeline. Based on our basic principle "User needs are our top priority", we are committed to improving the transparency of information processes, respecting your control of data, and ensuring the security of your information and communications.

We abide by the following privacy protection principles and are committed to providing you with more secure and reliable services:

1. Security and trust. We do our best to prevent your information from being destroyed, damaged or lost through effective and reasonable information security technology and management processes;

2. Choose. We provide you with convenient privacy management options so that you can make appropriate choices to control or manage your privacy;

3. Protect communication secrets. We will protect your communication secrets in strict accordance with applicable laws and regulations;

4. Reasonability and necessity. We will collect the necessary data so that we can provide you and other users with better services to realize the functions of the product.

5. Transparency. We strive to introduce our privacy policy in a simple and direct way and help you better understand our information process practices;

6. Design privacy. We will follow the concept of "design privacy" and consider privacy at all stages of product or service development, including various factors such as laws, products, and designs.
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