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Review-K-Box V5006 DJ-Rambo Man Robot Building Blocks.
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Review-K-Box V5006 DJ-Rambo Man Robot Building Blocks.
First of all, get the box is very huge, and heavy, visible full weight.
Open the box inside a total of four boxes.
Open box A.There are some loose parts.
The instructions are individually packaged, a very thick book, close to 2 cm thick; the manual has 350 pages.
Printed content is clear, the pattern size is suitable; stickers a total of 3 large, 1 small, stickers are transparent stickers.
The printing and cutting process of the stickers are okay, but the transparent stickers are indeed not good to stick it.

6 painted wheels for the Turbofan engine in Skyfire form.
Look at the independent latch package will know the difficulty of this it, K box or hidden color style latch, which also increases the difficulty.
The first bag of parts is a bag full of.
First of all, the floor is put together, just like the construction of a house foundation criss-crossed one by one small plate connected into a whole floor, frame type technology beams are also interlocked with technology pins to protect the stability of the structure as one; here rely on fingertip strength can not be completed, here is not a suggestion is really needed to complete the rubber hammer.
Very refreshing floor, the back of the bracket structure is complicated, must read the instructions.

There are 5 step packages inside the B box.
Package 2.
Floor bracket holding bar structure, double-layer angle adjustable angle technology parts to support, behind there is a large turntable structure, with four 8-tooth planetary gear structure.
The height of the entire support frame has reached a height of 66 cm.

Package 3.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with the foot, so the project also begins with the foot little by little, here the joint parts K box design is to make full use of the damping gear to achieve the function of the foot rotation, both to increase the structural strength, but also with the function of locking, the whole foot design is very clever, complex can feel the rigor of the design.

The fourth and fifth packages are both leg builds, which are carried out together here.
The foot part of the show many users are also spitting, in fact, the two support toes behind the ankle can be adjusted to open and close the angle.

Package 6:
The legs have been completed and the whole appearance has a combination of silver, gold, blue and red, in line with the basic color palette of Optimus Prime.
Open Box C.
Interlocking of the technology beam and technology arm with a solid skeleton.
The connection part with the limbs are designed with a large turntable, the leg structure is more complex, the use of worm gear design, can complete the effect of leg swing.

Currently, it is possible to support standing when attached to the legs.
The height of the legs alone plus the body is already close to the height of the stand.
Later installation for safety reasons, the body is fixed to the bracket.
Some of the external parts of the body can have part of the angle can be adjusted.​​​​​​​
Package 10. The parts of the head are mostly composed of bricks, the head is not a very large structure, and is modular assembly.
The base of the head is a small ball joint connection that allows small adjustments to the angle.
It would be more natural to adjust the armor on both sides of the head.
Open the last box.
Here the engine part is all silver parts, easy to install is a large weight, worry about the support of the problem.
The rear part of the increase in height is all contributed by these two engines.
The last two packs are the arm parts.
The difference between the arms is that one is a weapon arm with a particle cannon and the other is a normal arm; the joint connection mechanism is the same.

Fingers, etc. can be adjusted to the angle of the fingertips of the round pieces are relatively loose.
The last package is a handheld weapon, very simple to complete.​​​​​​​
Finished product display:
Let's look at some of the overall appearance and details:​​​​​​​

Double-door breastplate, transparent pieces are very transparent.
The arms are very heavy and the risk of lifting the arms is high.
God's perspective.​​​​​​​

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