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Review of Pantasy 86218 Sherlock Holmes Apartment 221B Building Blocks on 10th Apr.2023
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Review of Pantasy 86218 Sherlock Holmes Apartment 221B Building Blocks on 10th Apr.2023
This time to get the set of packaging, the use of airplane box packaging, a large volume.

The front of the package to see the work theme shape using a semi-open scene interior design, and old friends of the scene performance form similar. The entire Sherlock Holmes Baker Street scene contains a small kitchen on the left, and a corner structure on the right of the living room.

After opening the box, I saw that the number of parts is not too many, a total of 6 coded bags are distinguished, as well as a cool drawing.
This time, the drawing design is relatively simple, the front of the door address of the Sherlock Holmes home base Baker Street 221B, Baker Street although it exists in the United Kingdom, but 221B the door does not exist. The drawing also includes a background description of the four characters, as well as a description of the details of the scene.

The 6 coded subcontracts correspond to the steps, the drawings have a total of 106 pages, and the difficulty of assembling is not very high.
First is the number one parts bag assembled, mainly the left side of the kitchen scene, using the main colors of sand green and white.

The base plate and one wall of the kitchen scene use a fragmented design, showing that the whole design is only a part of the scene and not the complete kitchen. This point is very different from other brand works.
The other side of the window has a small detail of a window sill planter.​​​​​​​
Number two parts are less, mainly the interior of the kitchen scene, and the landlady's minifigures.
The design of the kitchen chairs are assembled in reverse with the front facing down. The protruding cushion feels a bit restrained.

The number two parts were quickly completed, and the entire kitchen interior contained kitchen cabinets along the walls, and a dining table in the middle, with letters and newspapers scattered on the floor.
The most interesting thing is the table microscope, a bunch of chemical bottles, and food are put together, which is not afraid to eat the wrong mutation into a Dr. Strange?​​​​​​​

Number three is a patchwork of the living room on the right, which is also mainly Watson's work desk.
Assembly is also relatively simple, the design of three sides looks very Christmas atmosphere. The back of the windowsill next to the growth of rattan, it is too Christmas.​​​​​​​

Number four parts bag is mainly interior as well as Hua minifigures. a corner of the long sofa, as well as the floor lamp next to it. Floor lamp column using the production method of spraying, so that the whole lamp texture is great.
Watson working typewriter.​​​​​​​

The most interesting design of the whole room! A deer head with headphones! This idea is definitely worth 120 points!
The whole work is completed with a very compact interior, which can be completely used as a scene on its own.​​​​​​​

Number five parts bag, is the largest part of the middle living room assembled. Completely de-granulated wooden base with a large carpet in the middle.
The design of this bookcase is really wonderful! More than ten different colors of 1x2 panels are used inside to make a very colorful book effect.​​​​​​​
This is simply showing off the quality of the parts color, and specially designed details ah!
Here really did not expect that the bookcase even with a glass door, at first I thought it was next to the door frame of.​​​​​​​

The number six parts bag is mainly for the interior part. The first is the fireplace by the wall, there is a metronome on it, which makes me think, in fact, Holmes likes to play the violin when he thinks. Hanging Sherlock Holmes looks like a coat rack, where the assembly and drawings slightly different, the top of the 1x1 round cap to reverse the installation, otherwise it can not be fixed below the bracket.
Printed with a pentagram of the brick, the work introduced Spring Song is Holmes thinking when he liked the music. However, this point has not been proven, perhaps and phoebe like smelly cat the same meaning it. Magnifying glass with magnifying effect.​​​​​​​

Finally the whole work is complete! The next is the overall assembly!​​​​​​​
Three separate scenes, assembled with pins on the left and hinges on the right, and with a certain degree of mobility.​​​​​​​
After assembling, the whole scene is distinguished into two main parts, the left kitchen through the door in the wall to cross, and the two scenes on the right to form a huge living room. Watson, whose leg is a bit lame due to injuries from the war in Afghanistan, is holding a cane.
The main living room Holmes is still using a magnifying glass to study carefully, ignoring the Moriarty aside with a weapon in hand, danger has descended!
The left side of the Hudson landlady is preparing breakfast in the kitchen, but looking at the table full of bottles microscope, feel a headache.​​​​​​​

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