Review of Pantasy 86402 Popeye Building Blocks on 2nd Feb.
By From The Pubic of Wechat February 3rd, 2023
Review of Pantasy 86402 Popeye Building Blocks on 2nd Feb.
▼Finishing pictures show:
▼Very large box, and the surface is smooth, and the painting is very good.
▼Drawer pull-out, see inside 1, 2 two inner boxes. Each step is about 3 small packets of sub-packages, a very comfortable assembling experience.
▼The few particles actually used two manuals, both sides are very thick. The instructions are beautifully printed, and the slogan "Made for collecting" is mentioned again on the front page.

At the beginning, it will give solutions to the problems of the white man, such as how to use the dismantler, how to make up the pieces, etc..

Moreover, now each key ip, spell Qi will correspond to write the introduction of the ip, so that some young people and like the appearance of the product to understand the ip, really, this is the brand to do matters of concern, there is a story of the building blocks to last.

▼Opened the spelling. First from the bow, with a lot of parts to pile details, unlike the medieval era of the ship, only the deck has decoration. By the way, I saw a new part that I hadn't seen before.
The propeller on the stern will have a linkage with the top. The jet on the deck is actually canned spinach, although I do not eat!

▼ The interior of the hull is designed with a drawer, don't ask, ask is to put private money.
The captain's room is a direct view of the steam engine, but also to open the shell, the coal inside also fell out on the ground.

▼After putting together the first manual, the whole product is 50% complete. I like this schedule the most, it's a good feeling.
The second book begins, is the appearance of the ship is assembled.
Tips, spinach above the linkage device, we should adjust a little loose, so that when the whole product is completed, so that it is not too tight, can not turn.

▼There will be two small scenes, both of which can be taken out individually for photo-taking, or placed together in the drawer of the ship. Such a small scene, are designed to linkage organs, so that everyone can play a little.
▼Finally pile on some decorations, and the whole boat is finished.​​​​​​​
▼​​​​​​​Minifigures Display:
▼Finished product 360 degree display:​​​​​​​
▼ The base has a beveled brick that is a printed piece with the copyright holder's information printed on it! The Popeye sticker on the front is a cross-brick sticker.
The bow of this ship looks a bit like a sheep, the color of this tire is also good, if spelling Qi out of the technology car, you can use this set of wheels is also good.

▼The anchor can be rotated and retracted from above, or fixed to the side of the hull.
The bow of the boat can push the push rod to simulate speed increase or decrease, and the rudder in the middle controls the direction.​​​​​​​
▼The left side of the hull is designed with a drawer, inside which are two small scenes.
The drawer also has a locking design, to rotate this plate hand parts to open and close.


▼The captain's cabin is also a highlight, which is expressed with so many metal sprayed parts.
The various instrument panels are basically printed parts, which is great!
From the design direction, it is burning coal, then heating the spinach behind, jet acceleration, see this engine, there are spiral patterns inside.

▼The escape boat is designed with activities that can be placed in different places at 270 degrees, and the rotation can control the lift of the escape boat.​​​​​​​
▼The main chimney of the hull is a picture of two different expressions of Olive. It is not upright. There is the platform for sanitation in the middle.
▼The roof of the captain's room is in the shape of a hat with a magnifying glass placed on top.
The whole body will be linked, and the rotating control from above can control the smoke up and down and lift the smoke above, and also link the propeller at the bottom.​​​​​​​

▼The sails were assembled with technological parts, or printed parts!
The bow of the ship also made a small organ, can kick the bad guys into the sea!​​​​​​​

▼There are tools hanging outside the captain's room, and a spearfisher!​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​That's All! Thanks for your visiting!
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